To say that music is in Afton Wolfe’s DNA is an understatement. Afton’s first experiences with music began at a very young age. Afton was born in McComb, Mississippi and grew up in Meridian, Hattiesburg, and Greenville. Mississippi. This is the birthplace of two American art forms: country music and blues music. Meridian is the birthplace of Jimmy Rodgers, while the Mississippi Delta is the birthplace of the blues, and the first rock n’ roll notes ever played, according to some music historians, came from Hattiesburg. Afton ate, drank, and slept music because it was all around him. He knew from an early age that music and performance would be an integral part of his life. 

Afton’s first band experience was back in the late 90s with Hattiesburg post-alternative pop outfit Red Velvet Couch (1998 to 1999) where he developed his stage presence and also was able to release his first album and learn a bit about sound, recording, mixing, and engineering. After a short break, Afton came back strong with the avant-garde, instrumentally diverse Dollar Book Floyd (2001 to 2002), which featured Amy Lott, Tim Keith, and Mike Stokes, and released a very pivotal album, Red and White. During this period Afton began to naturally incorporate country music and delta blues into his musical playbook. After the Dollar Book Floyd project ended, Afton moved to Nashville and formed The Relief Effort, a rock power trio, with whom he recorded two more records: Don’t Panic (2004) and At Your Mercy (2005). 

After a hiatus from performing and recording, Afton wrote, composed, and sang all of the songs contained in Petronius' Last Meal. This was recorded in 2008 with the likes of Charlie Rauh, Craig Schenker, and Dan Seymour. Alcohol, academia, the quest for a better mix and a perfect album cover, and a voyage across the country to live in Washington for a few years kept this project on hold for over a decade. However, Afton always had aspirations of releasing this project when the time was right. The time is now right, and the project was given wings (and funds) again. Afton is at that place in his life where he can give this album the proper attention and support it deserves.   

By day, Afton (middle name and alter ego) goes by his first name Steven and practices law in Nashville, and by night he wears a hat and plays music.